Preventing Falls

Keep your life in balance.

A serious fall can cause devastating injuries. Prevention is key to keeping you, and your loved ones, safe and healthy.

What Is Fall Prevention?

As people age, they lose muscle strength and their reflexes slow. This puts them at risk for falls.

Strength and balance exercises performed daily can help you and your loved ones stay active and independent.

Learn more about exercises for strength and balance.

Can Tai Chi and Qi Gong Help Me?

Tai chi and qi gong (“chee goong”) are traditional Chinese movement exercises. They’re often used to improve posture, balance, coordination, endurance, and flexibility and to maintain good health and quality of life.

Learn how these slow, purposeful movements can help improve your balance and prevent falls.

How Do I Make My Home Fall-Proof?

Common things like loose rugs, poor lighting, and household clutter can become a big safety issue. There are easy things you can do to make your home a lot safer.

Learn the basics of fall-proofing your home.

Why Is Preventing Falls Important?

Seniors who fall seldom regain mobility and independence. Find out how to prevent falls — and how to make your home safer.

Watch the video now.

Could A Health Coach Help Me?

Sometimes, we all need a little help as we’re working towards a goal. As you work to prevent falls, a health coach can help you identify safe exercise and movements, find new coping strategies, and keep you on track.

Learn more about Kaiser Permanente’s health coaching sessions.

Your Total Health

Remember, your well-being is affected by both your mind and your body. Learn how to care for the whole you.

Kaiser Permanente members have access to digital mental health and wellness tools at no charge. Check out this page for the Calm, Headspace Care, or myStrength apps. You also can call a health coach for 6-month subscriptions to SilverCloud, Woebot, or Thrive.

Looking For More?

For information on area classes and other programs, check out the listings from Oregon Health Authority.