Kids and Family Health

Do it for you. And them.

You want what’s best for your family. You especially want to make sure your kids thrive.

Coping With COVID-19

Families are navigating lots of new territory during the COVID-19 pandemic — remote learning, maintaining connections when you can’t socialize or play with friends in person, supporting emotional stability, and more.

Check these family resources for tips and tools:


Start your children on a healthier track with 5-2-1-0 (English, Espanol).

Every day, work towards:

Help Your Child Learn Good Habits

Here’s a short tip sheet of 10 Healthy Habits, in English and Espanol.

Try using this worksheet to identify changes your family might be ready for now. Consider experimenting with just 1 or 2 changes at a time.

Write down goals and action steps for yourself and keep track of how often you reach them.

Your children can do it, too!

Sometimes, you might need a little help keeping your family on track with their health and wellness goals. A health coach can provide support and information as you work toward goals, and help you find new coping strategies and stay on course. Learn more about Kaiser Permanente’s health coaching.

Raising Active Kids

Being active helps you be healthier and stronger — and feel your best — at every age.

Want your family to be more active together?

  • In Portland, play in the streets during Sunday Parkways presented by Kaiser Permanente, a series of free events opening the city’s largest public space – its streets – to walk, bike, roll, and play.
  • Write down different activities on slips of paper and keep them in a “Get Up and Move” jar you can go to for ideas.
  • Check your area park and recreation districts for activities and events.
  • Try GoNoodle for lots of fun, short activities.

Encourage your kids’ schools to make physical activity a priority. Thriving Schools has some good tips and resources.

Healthy Futures

Take conflict off the menu. Learn proven strategies for coping with difficult eaters in the “Healthy Futures” webinar. You’ll also learn how to make mealtime more pleasant and rewarding for your family.

Watch a recorded presentation now.

Health coaches can support your and your family’s wellness. Talk with them about coaching for your family.

Encouraging Smart Food Choices

Good nutrition is fundamental to healthy living.

How Do I Help My Tweens And Teens Stay Healthy?

Helping your child through the tween and teenage years can be a daunting task. They’re growing up, their bodies are changing, and they’re more emotional about what you may consider to be the smallest things.

Learn more about how to guide your tween (11-14) and teen (15-18) to a healthy lifestyle.

Some good resources for your kids include:

Keeping Baby Healthy

Helping your newborn have the best start in life is essential. From breastfeeding and bathing to how to calm your newborn, ensuring best total health from day one is critical.

If you are a Kaiser Permanente Northwest member, choose a doctor for your baby.

Learn more about how to care for your newborn and care for yourself.

When your baby sends signals that she’s hungry or full, it’s important to respond promptly — and in a way that’s warm and loving. This is called “responsive feeding” — watch a video or read about it. When your child is a little older, watch this video for tips about infant feeding and introducing solid foods. You can also read these tips for starting solids.

Your Prevention Plan

Staying well by preventing or delaying disease is possible with kids’ health screenings and immunizations. Prevention plans can be tailored to every member of your family.

Learn more about preventive care and wellness resources.

Kaiser Permanente members can sign up to Act for a Family Member — order prescriptions, send email, and view lab results and other health info of a family member.