Quitting Nicotine

Declare your freedom.

Develop a personal strategy for quitting tobacco, vaping, or nicotine use, and explore the behavior changes that will help you overcome cravings and resist temptations.

Are E-Cigarettes or Vaping Devices A Safe Substitute For Cigarettes?

Research does not support using e-cigarettes and vaping devices as a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes. They are not currently regulated and have been connected to health problems and diseases. Kaiser Permanente recommends other means for quitting nicotine. Learn more about e-cigarettes.

Is Social Use Ok?

Any amount of nicotine can have an adverse effect on your health. Even non-nicotine devices are not safe. Social use is not safe — and you also put those around in you in jeopardy.

How Can I Help Myself?

There are many ways to help you cope with the process of quitting nicotine.

Use Cultivating Health(R) Freedom From Tobacco to develop a quit program that works for you.

Help yourself every step of the way:

View reasons why it’s worth it to quit tobacco.

Breaking The Habit

Quitting successfully depends on being ready to change, and on developing new skills and habits.

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Could A Health Coach Help Me?

Sometimes, we all need a little help as we’re working towards a goal. As you work to quit, a health coach can be a valuable resource in your journey. A health coach can help you determine your patterns and behaviors, set goals, and find new coping strategies.

Learn more about Kaiser Permanente’s health coaching sessions.

Online Resources To Help You Quit

Looking For More?

Kaiser Permanente members who need help managing their emotions during quitting have access to digital mental health and wellness tools, at no charge. Check out this page for the Calm, Headspace Care, or myStrength apps. You also can call a health coach for additional subscriptions to SilverCloud, Thrive, and apps for teens and parents.

Are There Medications That Can Help?

Medications like Zyban and Chantix can be effective tools for quitting, particularly when combined with behavioral changes.

How do you know if medications are right for you?

  • You have tried on your own to stop, but you were not able to stop.
  • You smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day.
  • You want to increase your chances of success.
  • And more

Learn more about your medication options and if they’re right for you.