Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Newborn Care

Time for a healthy beginning. Find information and support — and gain confidence — every step along your exciting journey.


BEFORE: What if I’m trying to get pregnant?

Knowing when you’re fertile is the best way to help you get pregnant. Try this interactive tool to assist in knowing your fertile days.

You can also optimize your health before you get pregnant. Consider a class or health coaching to quit tobacco, lose weight, or manage diabetes. Check the Healthy Living catalog and class schedule.

Before, during, and after

You’re about to start a wonderful journey. And you’re likely to have lots of questions along the way. Questions like:

  • How your body is changing
  • Your developing baby
  • Options during labor
  • How to get ready for birth

A library of more than 100 pregnancy and childbirth videos is available to answer your questions.

DURING: How can I have a healthy pregnancy

Most women expect to gain some weight during pregnancy. But too much can cause problems. These include gestational diabetes, a larger baby, or delivery complications.

Watch this video for info about what you should eat, how much weight you should gain, and if and how you should exercise while pregnant.

If you’re a Kaiser Permanente Northwest member, you can join the free Healthy Pregnancy program. Meet weekly by phone with a registered dietitian. You’ll get help setting and achieving your diet, exercise, and weight gain goals during pregnancy.

These resources offer helpful info: 

How do I take care of my body so it can nurture my baby?

The most important thing at this special time is to prepare and take care of your body. Some of the ways you can prepare your body for nurturing a baby include:

For timely suggestions, check out what’s happening to your baby and your body, week by week.

Gestational diabetes

Some women develop gestational diabetes while pregnant. But with treatment, most women who have it are able to control their blood sugar and give birth to healthy babies.

Learn about:


How will my body change?

Pregnancy brings about changes to your body. Learn more about common symptoms and discomforts, like:

After pregnancy and birth, you can learn about things you can do to address other body changes. Female Kaiser Permanente members can take a free class, “My Body After Baby.”

How do I plan for childbirth?

Every woman’s experience of labor and delivery is different. But there are a few simple steps every woman can take to prepare herself for this life-changing experience. Understanding the process and being as prepared as possible will help you feel more relaxed and in control.

If you’re a Kaiser Permanente Northwest member, you can also:

Learn more about Kaiser Permanente’s prenatal commitment to you and the support you will receive from our expert staff.

Birth tours and maternity care

A hospital birth tour provides information about your birth experience, from admission to discharge. You will also have the opportunity to see your hospital’s labor, birthing, and family rooms. 

If you are a Kaiser Permanente Northwest member:

Learn more about maternity care – including where to go for care, what to expect on your delivery day, and information for family and friends – at:


What can I expect during labor and delivery?

Giving birth is a scary, exciting, and thrilling experience. Being prepared is the key to having a good experience.

Learn about labor and delivery, including:

While every labor and delivery is different, they all have three stages. Learn more about the three stages of labor and delivery.


AFTER: How can I best care for my newborn?

Once your baby is born, take time to enjoy and savor every beautiful moment.

It’s also important to take care of yourself and perhaps take a few classes.

You may also feel a little anxious about caring for your newborn. You may want to:

When your baby sends signals that she’s hungry or full, it’s important to respond promptly — and in a way that’s warm and loving. This is called “responsive feeding” — watch a video or read a handout about it. When your child is a little older, watch this video about infant feeding and introducing solid foods. You can also read these tips for introducing solids.

NEW! Parent Support Group for Thriving Families Connect with other families as you navigate the first 6 months with baby. The group is free for Kaiser Permanente members, but preregistration is requested.

What should I know about breastfeeding, and breast health after my baby is born?

Your breasts will go through many changes throughout pregnancy, and well after labor and delivery. Learn more:

If you’re a Kaiser Permanente member, you can attend a free breastfeeding support group.


What if I start to feel stressed?

Remember, your well-being is affected by both your mind and your body. It’s important to take good care of each to have complete health.

Learn how to care for the whole you.

Relax and listen to our pregnancy and childbirth podcast.  The program can help you reduce stress and engage your mind, body, and spirit.

Depression can occur after your baby is born. It’s common and treatable: